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Disclaimer: We are not attorneys licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We are not allowed to draft legal records, give advice on legal matters, including immigration, or charge a fee for those activities.

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April 1, 2022

Sworn Statements for personal or court use. These are used for character or event statements. They can also be used for employment.

Document of the Month: Child Travel Consent

March 4, 2020

A Child Travel Consent is a letter in which a child’s legal guardian gives permission for the minor to travel alone or with another adult.

You can obtain a Child Travel Consent form by hiring a local lawyer or find a document online like from our affiliate- Link

Coronavirus Consideration 

With current global travel disruptions, we want to reassure you that we are taking increased safety measures on top of our existing duty of care protocols. Our main priority is to best​ protect your and our clients’ and loan signing agents’ health and wellbeing.

 Greater Lehigh Valley Notaries excel in providing peace of mind and a safe closing for you. Depending on your location of closing/signing, additional safety precautions are in place, such as providing hand sanitizer, greeting with a slight bow instead of a handshake, and disinfecting pens, iPad’s, laptops, phones used with each closing. 

Remember you can always rely on Greater Lehigh Valley Notary to get your closing/signing done. For all your notarizations, our notaries is there for you 24/7, after appointment.

Thank you for using Greater Lehigh Valley Notary for all your closing/signing needs.

Greater Lehigh Valley Notary ~ team.

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